Local Tory’s speak about silencing the electorate

Tory's supporting vested interest
Sorry for the delay in updating this, but have been away from the computer but some replies have rolled in. From my two local Conservative representatives for one. Before I post those let me remind you of the letter I sent, particularly these two phrases from it:
“Obviously I don’t expect you to be able to comment on individual cases.”
“So I was wondering if you think it is ever appropriate that a local Council seek to prevent one of their constituents from writing about them in any form?”

I’m afraid I shall be writing back to the individuals concerned as a specific case, which I’m not askign about prohbits them from commenting on a general principle.

First up Tory London assembly member Gareth Bacon:

“Dear A Voter,

Thank you for your email.

I am very familiar with this case, and there is a great deal more to it than reported by the Daily Mail. However, the legal issues around it are not resolved (I believe Mr Kerlan’s sentencing will not happen for at least another two weeks and, of course, there may be an appeal) so it would be inappropriate for me to comment in any detail at this stage. I hope you can understand that.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Bacon

Mind you of course being bother a member of the local council in question and the London assembly member must make it very tricky to even attempt to provide any manner of oversight. On the other hand James Brokenshire the local MP appeals to a “higher power”, that of the courts.

“Dear A Voter

Thank you for your e-mail.

You are right in saying that I can’t comment on an individual case of this kind. All I can say is that any restraining order would have had to have been approved by the Court as being proportionate and necessary to prevent harassment or any further criminal breaches.

Yours sincerely

James Brokenshire M.P.”

Again, I specifically asked about the general case and not the particular, but for Mr Brokenshire if the courts make an order then who is he to argue, best hope there are no miscarriages of justice in Bexley whilst he’s on the watch.

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