Jenny Jones – green mayoral candidate replies

Jenny - party reply - JonesSo far Jenny Jones’ team are the only Mayoral candidate to reply to me, obviously they’ve all been terribly busy with the campaign but you’d have hoped the larger parties could have found some intern to send a bland response, but then they didn’t make it easy to contact them in the first place.

Not as robust a reply as I received from UKIP but not bad and at least as a Moyral candidate they did at least reply which is better than any of the others.

“Hi A Voter,

Thanks for this. We discussed at our team meeting. While we agree that everyone should be protected from harassment and menacing behaviour, the Green Party also believes in the principle of free speech. Whilst the conviction is the decision of the courts, we must be vigilant that restraining orders such as these do not impact on freedom of expression and proper political discussion.

Hope that’s useful.”

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