Syed Kamal Tory MEP gives hope

Syed Kamall - bloody good cuntAfter the rather poor replies from the Local Tory’s, who I’m sure were not in the least bit afflicted with conflicts of interest or being worried about ruffling local feathers in way that might affect their political carriers, a direct and excellent response from Tory MEP Syed Kamal. Which is all the more welcome after MEP Marina “Couldn’t possibly comment”. Mind for the party as a whole 1 out of 4 isn’t doing that great. Still here’s the gem of a reply.

“Dear A. Voter,
Thank you for your email and for bringing this story to my attention.

I believe that people should be free to say what they want however offensive, as long as they do not advocate violence or physical attacks on other people or their property.


Conservative MEP for London

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