Finally a Labour reply

Murad QureshiTo complete the round up of replies, a member of the Labour party has finally got a staffer to reply for them and follow the same line as the piss poor local Tories – “If the courts say it’s ok then nothing to worry about”. Anyway here’s the reply.

“Dear A. Voter

Thank you for contacting me about this issue which is obviously extremely important to you. I am fully supportive of freedom of speech within the parameters of the law. The case you mention has been the subject of a due legal process and therefore I support this.

The work of the London Assembly is to scrutinise the activities of the Mayor, including his policies on transport, crime and the environment in London. You can read further about the role of the Mayor and the London Assembly by clicking on the following links:

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about any local or London-wide issues, which I or one of my colleagues on the London Assembly Labour Group would be happy to help you with.

Nikki Salih
Assistant to Murad Qureshi AM

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