Navel gazing

I’m afraid I must indulge in that most terrible of things, a blog post about blogging. Having had to think about why I joined OH on hist first little stroll and why I continued almost on my own the other day I also started to think about why I’m writing here and what I want to achieve with both of them if anything. +1-1

Chicken little or salami slicing

Something that I’ve been struggling with for a while is how to respond to the apparent constant salami slicing of our freedoms without sounding like chicken little, and I’m increasingly convinced that it cant be done. The problem is the creeping nature of the beast as so well expounded by Leg Iron “The Creeper is a slow and insidious technique. On trains, it started with one no-smoking carriage. On buses, it started with smokers at the back and upstairs on the double deckers. It was not a new technique even then because, as the Filthy Smoker’s post reminded me, it … Continue reading

A small grumble and a question

Catching up on that afore mentioned reading of blogs, the dauntless LegIron has commented on Bin rage which is currently a minor grumble of mine with currently no obvious solution. Where I live my non-recyling is taken away fortnightly which is usually fine I don’t normally have more than a shopping back of rubbish a week to throw out, so I have a small wheely bin, all well and good. Except every now and then I have a sort out, such as when my housemate/lodger moves out and suddenly my bin is full to over flowing. Now back in the … Continue reading