Occupy where ever

Yes once more I’m returning to those crazy kids of the occupy movement, in a week where the LAPD have reportedly been destorying occupy tents* apparently up in Edinburgh the little bit of weather they’ve been having has cleared that camp quite effectively. As the lovely picture from Punk rock Libertarians wonderfully illustrates despite objectionable (and they have objected) tactics from the police the occupy movement seems to continue to call for more government control (of everyone else). Over her on the more civilised side of the pond our police sent round a badly titled memo warning business people in … Continue reading

Look out there’s a monster coming

Thanks to Katabasis for this lead, it seems that having thrown loads of money at the Eurozone via the European Financial Stability Facility – the EU Zone are going to extract even more money from it’s indebted members and indenture them forever into the service of the European Stability Mechanism. London loves Business has the low down but for a quick tour of the highlights: Total immunity from prosecution Employee’s don’t pay tax Eurozone members can never leave If it asks for money members have to pay within 7 days, and it has no limit on what it can ask … Continue reading

Danegeld and riots for all reasons

So almost a week since the looting and huge swathes of forest has been sacrificed to discuss the cause of the unrest and more importantly who was to blame. I am of course going to add to the sound and fury being generated, mainly because some of the commentary has rather tickled my sense of the absurd. One of the early “causes” of the looting proffered by the punditry, was that youth centres had been shut down and more people had said if the youth centres shut down they’d be trouble/riots/the end of civilisation as we know it. Now to … Continue reading