Post of the day

Been a while since I posted one of these but Pavlov’s cat has a rather excellent article about the newest anti-smoking adverts and our fear of death. (Stumbled upon via an excellent article from Leg Iron) +3-1

Bandwagons and ill thought out protesting

I’ve always considered that any article which starts out with a disclaimer, or sentence which contains a phrase along the lines of “I’ve nothing against… but…” to be inherently suspect and likely to indicate a certain weakness of argument. Which is why I’m somewhat hesitant in writing this as it can to an extent be boiled down to: “I’ve nothing against people protesting but I do wish they’d think about it and do it well”. +2-1

Internet freedom and you

Part 1 – A handful of beads The internet has been and is still widely touted as a huge bastion of freedom, a virtual wild west, new and uncharted lands not to mention numerous other metaphors aimed to convince us that it can herald in a utopia of untold freedoms. Now of course none of that was ever true, the apparent freedoms all relied on expensive equipment paid for and managed by businesses and bits of government of varying sizes. The freedoms existed because what was going on was largely unnoticed and not understood by those that might want to … Continue reading