Danegeld and riots for all reasons

So almost a week since the looting and huge swathes of forest has been sacrificed to discuss the cause of the unrest and more importantly who was to blame. I am of course going to add to the sound and fury being generated, mainly because some of the commentary has rather tickled my sense of the absurd. One of the early “causes” of the looting proffered by the punditry, was that youth centres had been shut down and more people had said if the youth centres shut down they’d be trouble/riots/the end of civilisation as we know it. Now to … Continue reading

A fish rots from the head

Following on from The Snowolf‘s excellent article, the telegraph today also has an excellent piece comparing the self serving (though often strictly legal) behaviour at the top of society with the behaviour of the looters in the recent kerfuffle. Whilst those at the top may be found not guilty (often on technicalities and one suspects due to better lawyers) they are people expected to set a better example – and yet often get away with “having made a mistake” or “technical breach of the rules” and then just pay back the relevant sum – with no interest paid and no … Continue reading

Two appeals

The London looting, I’m really not sure it should be dignified as riots, destroyed many homes and businesses and London cleanup have links to many ways you can help. In the meantime here are two appeals by people whose probity I’d vouch for. Mark Thompson has opened a pledge bank to help rebuild Reeves the 150 year old family business that was burnt down in Croydon. Archbishop Cranmer has turned over his collection plat to help out Mr Biber, an 89 year old barber in Haringey whose shop was ransacked and looted. Mr Biber wasn’t insured. If you can I’d … Continue reading