Is it getting quieter?

So far in London tonight at least things seem quieter, though equally that may be that it’s just being reported less. Whilst I’m very glad it’s quietened down it’s worrying as it hasn’t got quieter because the looters have been stopped, more they’ve simply stopped for now. This may be due to the vast numbers of police in the capital, if so that could be a problem as they’ll have to go home at soem point and really do we want our cities that heavily policed? Or it may be due to the London firms and other groups defending their … Continue reading

Lazy comparisons a go go

Seeing as today seems to be a day for lazy comparisons I thought I’d join in the fun and games, the relationship between my tongue and my cheek is left as an exercise to the readers. Currently we are told have poor disenfranchised youths (who can afford to buy blackberry’s) finding their voice by looting shops, and lashing out at a society that told them to consume but that they were entitled to everything so didn’t need to work, or if you prefer the other narrative couldn’t find work despite being law abiding lovely people. This is just them reclaiming … Continue reading