Lazy comparisons a go go

Seeing as today seems to be a day for lazy comparisons I thought I’d join in the fun and games, the relationship between my tongue and my cheek is left as an exercise to the readers.

Currently we are told have poor disenfranchised youths (who can afford to buy blackberry’s) finding their voice by looting shops, and lashing out at a society that told them to consume but that they were entitled to everything so didn’t need to work, or if you prefer the other narrative couldn’t find work despite being law abiding lovely people. This is just them reclaiming their power.

This has been variously compared to the Tottenham/Brixton race riots of the 80’s and even the poll tax riots. Because the government has been doing what it does best and ignoring peaceful and not so peaceful protests and well the Tories are in power so it’s just like Maggie being back innit! (Though comparing call-me-Dave to Thatcher is a hell of a stretch). Having given this some thought I don’t think these comparisons go nearly far enough (to quote Tom Lehrer out of context) and really these people are missing a wonderful bit of hyperbole.

Here’s a check list for a much “better” comparison:

Rampant consumer culture – allegedly
High inflation due to printing money – check
People being told that they don’t have work due to a specific segment of society – check
Roaming gangs of youth attacking/looting those that have more than them – check
High unemployment – check
Organised criminality hiding behind spontaneous violence – check
Socialists politicians telling the “disenfranchised” they’re entitled to have the state provide everything – check

So I do believe that if we can just find a Reichtstag to burn down, why then we may have the set.

Do feel free to add any comparisons I may have missed.

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One Response to Lazy comparisons a go go

  1. Pandora Piquet says:

    Now there is talk of curfews being brought into force “for our own safety” along with the other idea of “inform on your neighbours” Oh & the “Keep your kids at home, don’t let them out”…This does bring to mind aspects of V for Vendetta.