Is it getting quieter?

So far in London tonight at least things seem quieter, though equally that may be that it’s just being reported less. Whilst I’m very glad it’s quietened down it’s worrying as it hasn’t got quieter because the looters have been stopped, more they’ve simply stopped for now. This may be due to the vast numbers of police in the capital, if so that could be a problem as they’ll have to go home at soem point and really do we want our cities that heavily policed? Or it may be due to the London firms and other groups defending their streets? Or it could be the looters have got bored, got enough trainers and mobile phones or are just having a lie in?

Earlier Inspector Gadget observed that the police need to deliver fast to maintain any credibility. From the reporting in the mainstream media and on bloggs and twitter where trouble is happening it does seem to be being dealt with more energetically. But there simply isn’t the level of trouble yet that there was the past few days (for which I’m terribly thankful) however this also means that the police haven’t yet been able to show they can deal with the situation. So if the looters and thugs are just having a quiet night to regroup count their stolen ipods and so forth, what happens when they come back? Do the people who’ve seen neighbourhoods destroyed whilst the police were unable to do anything (for what ever reason) wait and see how the police respond next time round? Or do they decide that it might be better to not wait around? With sales of batons, baseball bats and sjamboks being reported as was up, I don’t think people are planning to stay out of the way next time round, despite the popularity of #OperationCupOfTea tonight.

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One Response to Is it getting quieter?

  1. Pandora Piquet says:

    It’s happened, on the news this morning there was a “youth worker” who came out with the statement “I’d like to see D.C. come here with his kids & wife. Live here on the money they give you, in the houses they give you, for a week. I’d like to see him, he’d turn to drugs, or drink, or just go mental if he had to do it!”
    This just makes me so mad!
    Being on benefits is NO EXCUSE for the sort of behaviour these thugs have been expressing!
    It’s NO EXCUSE for stealing other peoples property!
    It’s NO EXCUSE for burning down buildings!
    It’s NO EXCUSE for murder!
    People (& that’s ALL people) have a responsibility for their own behaviour, if they choose to do that sort of thing it is because they are nasty thugs, they can’t blame others for their actions.