Look out there’s a monster coming

Thanks to Katabasis for this lead, it seems that having thrown loads of money at the Eurozone via the European Financial Stability Facility – the EU Zone are going to extract even more money from it’s indebted members and indenture them forever into the service of the European Stability Mechanism. London loves Business has the low down but for a quick tour of the highlights: Total immunity from prosecution Employee’s don’t pay tax Eurozone members can never leave If it asks for money members have to pay within 7 days, and it has no limit on what it can ask … Continue reading

A tale of two safety elves

As Penny Dreadful observed it may be time to leave the planet, or at least hope fervently that this level of madness won’t spread (fat chance of that). For in the week that our safety elves say that it wasn’t them, and that in fact could people please stop using them as an excuse to do stupid nannying shit for insurance reasons. On the opposite side of the world the courts down under have decided that if you work from home and slip on your own stairs whilst wondering around in your socks that it’s your employers fault and they’ll … Continue reading