Seems it’s ok for councillors to swear

In related news to young Olly Cromwells current issues with Bexley Cuntcil and the beak in seems that it’s perfectly OK for Councillors to swear about other Councillors: ” A councillor has won High Court backing to be “rude” online about colleagues in what could be a landmark case. Community councillor Malcolm Calver, of Manorbier, Pembrokeshire, challenged a censure by a local authority standards body over “bitching” and “sarcastic” comments. He claimed it violated his human right to freedom of expression. Mr Justice Beatson said there was ‘a need for politicians to have thicker skins than others’.” There would though … Continue reading

The station that rigged everything

For reasons that now escape me I’ve just finished watching The street that cut everything – this was an “experiment” where Nick Robinson persuades a street to give up all council services for 6 weeks. The very subtle (no honest it was subtle really – like a brick wall across Brandshatch) sub-text was that councils are terribly good value for money and that cuts can only affect vital services and are therefore evil. That said I was hugely impressed with how well the street actually did, they managed to meet all the “challenges” aunty threw at them and stay on … Continue reading

On a new political settlement

Having been freed from the tyranny of saved links by dint of my computer crashing, I’m going to mutter about possibly the least interesting topic in poltics at the moment. Yes the “AV or not to AV” question, this is we’re told the most important thing to have happened for hundreds of years, a once in a generation chance to radically change our political system. to which I can only say “piffle” we’re being sold a bill of goods, being presented with a false choice. If this is such an important question, why wasn’t it on all the party manifesto’s … Continue reading