Greasing up the slippery slope

[This is a repost of an article that was first posted on Drinkuary]

We’ve been a bit quiet of late but we’ve not gone away. Whilst alcohol control has largely left the headlines amidst rumours that minimum pricing will be dropped (though that’s still only rumours) it’s not as though the puritans have stopped their activities. Do you remember how years ago it was just one carriage of a train you couldn’t smoke in and then it was all of the train, well I’d hate to say that it’s a template which gets used a lot but… Eastcoast mainline will be banning booze on one train a week. It’ll be interesting to see how that trial works out and if other train operators also decide to give it a go. Whilst on the subject of slippery slopes – the Government wants to reduce the size of high fat food, much like they have previously tackled high strength booze.

Mind it’s not all doom and gloom, you’ve be glad to hear that our wonderful MP’s who are so worried about us drinking and eating too many biscuits are of the opinion that their private bars are too expensive and so they’d like a greater subsidy for their drinks.

Finally according to Greene King and Batemans minimum pricing is a great idea and the Government should stick with it. Which you might want to remember next time you go to a pub or buy some beer.

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