Drinkuary returns

Drinkuary - Calling time on the Puritans It is that time of year once more when the puritans once more fill the airwaves and bill boards with exhortations to abstinence and to pay them for indulgences to forgive us our evil fun filled ways. However fear not for Drinkuary has not gone away and is once more saying “enough already” – and this year they’d like to hear from you! Yes you, you at the back holding your pint, and you with your bottle of spirits, and you with the glass of wine, and you with the alcopop, and you enjoying a quiet sherry and especially you who doesn’t drink but is fed up with the puritans stomping on everyone elses fun. So why not take 5 minutes and drop Drinkuary a tale of your encounters with or response to the joyless husks of people that we call the new-puritans or their machinations? E-mail tales@drinkuary.org (all articles will be posted under whatever by-line is requested).

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