Baccy growing experiments

Just before we reach the end of Octabber I thought it about time to post a short summary of my Tobacco production experiments so far this year. I entirely blame the inestimable LegIron for this endevour as his article on his efforts inspired me despite not actually smoking myself. I ordered some Virginia gold seeds from an interweb shop based on the fact that it’s what my father used to smoke so why not. I’m not exactly a keen gardener and planted them in pots so didn’t get particularly huge plants, I suspect they’re all root bound or don’t like … Continue reading

Octabber: intermission

The Mawkin version of this kinks tune just came on, and what better tune for a lovely autumn day in Octabber? Enjoy. +10

Supporting Octabber

Sticking to my normal tradition of being so far behind the times I’m permanently retro I thought I should probably direct you all towards Octabber before it actually arrives. As is so often the case the existence of this excellent idea came across my path via the ever erudite LegIron. It seems that “no smoking day” is no longer enough and October is to be declared non-smoking month. Now we can all look forward to being bombarded by irritating smug adverts trying to encourage people who don’t want to stop smoking to stop smoking. I can but assume that the … Continue reading