No I’m wikileaks

When fitwatch was taken down I commented that the powers that be should have gone after the DNS provider as that would be harder to fix, and so it has come to pass that the DNS for wikileaks has been “confiscated”. So via facebook it seems someone on twitter has suggested that everyone who has their own domain name should add their own entry for wikileaks. The DNS addresses for wikileaks seem to be quite in a state of flux though it seems they have got a new IP address after being kicked off the Amazon cloud. So if you … Continue reading

Warning labels for journalism

Once more just redirecting you to someone else’s genius idea (or less honestly sharing a link), but the idea of warning labels for journalism is just too excellent not to share. Tom Scott has produced a set of warning labels for sticking onto news reports and has made them downloadable as a PDF for avery labels. As he puts it: “It seems a bit strange to me that the media carefully warn about and label any content that involves sex, violence or strong language — but there’s no similar labelling system for, say, sloppy journalism and other questionable content. I … Continue reading

Silly and childish but..

Ok, this is silly and childish, but equally maybe amusing. A friend* of mine reports that Mooncup are having a poll as to what women call their vagina’s, but it won’t let anyone say that they call their vagina a cunt. Which afore mentioned friend rather objects to, reading that reminded me of a campaign of Old Holborn had a while back and to which I still link, that many people should call Jackboot Jacqui a cunt. Hopefully by now you can see where this is going and may be amused by the idea. So in the long tradition of … Continue reading