Silly and childish but..

Ok, this is silly and childish, but equally maybe amusing.
A friend* of mine reports that Mooncup are having a poll as to what women call their vagina’s, but it won’t let anyone say that they call their vagina a cunt. Which afore mentioned friend rather objects to, reading that reminded me of a campaign of Old Holborn had a while back and to which I still link, that many people should call Jackboot Jacqui a cunt.

Hopefully by now you can see where this is going and may be amused by the idea. So in the long tradition of breaking stupid internet marketing polls do get over to the Mooncup web site and tell them that you “lovingly call yours” – Jacqui

N.B. Normally it’s quite important to make sure we all use the same spelling and capitilization – as was discovered in the People magazine vote for “Hank the ugly drunken dwarf

* They may of course not be a friend after this.

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One Response to Silly and childish but..

  1. Don’t mention Kevin Bloody Wilson “You can’t say c**t in Canada”.