#alcoholaware2012 – dry January no thanks

Drinkuary - Calling time on the Puritans Just as No-Smoking day became no smoking month, so the puritans and killjoys are following up Alcohol awareness week with “Dry January”. Not only do they want people to not drink during January – which is fair enough if you don’t want to and it’s traditionally the time of year for new resolutions and the like; but they’d also like people to be sponsored to do this to raise more money for them so they can nag us better. Dick Puddlecote has the details and in some ways it’s heartening to see a fake charity having to make it’s own way in the world. However a quick look through the governments e-petions shows the purtian impulse is alive and well. Of course just because Alcohol Concern are no longer getting as much of our tax money, doesn’t mean that various other state funded “health” organizations aren’t happy to spend our money telling us not to drink, smoke, eat nice food or generally have fun.

If there actually was a drinking problem in this country maybe it would be understandable but

  • Pubs closing at a rate of 18 a week
  • The amount we’re drinking is falling year on year
  • The average strength of beer is falling

So even if there is a problem it would seem to be resolving itself (I’m sure the killjoys will claim this si due to their nagging), which is why they need to continue with things such as:

  • Over a third of the price of all drinks is tax
  • Duty on beer rises by 2% above inflation every year
  • Our Government is considering minimum pricing on booze

Our MPs still drink in subsidized bars whilst happily pushing up prices for the rest of us, after all we’re picking up the bill for their drinks. There is of course no slippery slope, just ask the smokers about that, I think it’s about time we said enough to this. So I have a bit of a plan and one I hope you’ll join me in, to coincide with the Puritans dry January lets have our own Drinkuary, drink as much or as little as you like, ignore the Kiljoys nagging but take a few minutes to sign some of the e-petitions and write to your MP tell them that you’re fed up with it all. It only takes a few letters for MPs to think something’s an issue which is why small pressure groups have such a profound effect. Beyond that though lets spread the word, lets try and get everyone who’s fed up with being nagged to join in. I’m getting beer mats printed to take the message out of the internet and into pubs, go on over to www.drinkuary.org to see the designs. Please spread the word and if you want to help get more mats printed or be sent some mats to distribute in your local area get in touch (my budget only runs to 1,000 mats so I’m afraid there won’t
be that many to go around, but the designs are free to download so print your own, or print flyers but lets get the word out there).

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5 Responses to #alcoholaware2012 – dry January no thanks

  1. Pandora says:

    Now here’s a thought, if everyone was actually take in by these puritans & stopped drinking for the entire month what do you think would happen to the breweries? Yep they’d go out of business! Just think, no product sold all month…wasted beers…job losses…more pub closures….more job losses….unemployment goes up….is this really what this country needs right now?

    • Giolla says:

      Cut and pasting from the facebook event:
      “The problem is that time and again the people that would ban our pleasures and raise the cost of them only ever consider the costs they disapprove of (e.g. costs to NHS) and never the costs their plans will inflict on a far wider community. They don’t consider drink or baccy to have any possible benefit to anyone and as the industry is “evil” don’t care if it’s destroyed.”

      After all they would prefer it all to be banned out right but as they can’t get that they’d be quite happy to destroy the industries and communities involved as collateral damage from their acceptable campaigns -massive job losses and misery is a price they’re quite happy to see other people pay. Some of them possibly do believe that every pub would instantly change to a coffee shop and everythign would otherwise carry out only without the veil drink – this of course tells us something about them they’re either monsters or idiots.

      • Pandora says:

        Pretty much my thoughts there…except for one thing, Coffee is a drug (legal yes but still a drug) & therefore if they did abolish alcohol & all the pubs turned into coffee shops they’d probably be the next target…job losses! Yep, monsters or idiots!

  2. I agree with Pandora. I won’t be doing Dry January. My pub is struggling, as are most community pubs. Temperance did not work in the US and it is not welcome here..

    • Giolla says:

      It didn’t work too well last time the Puritans got the upper hand here either, though sadly this time I don’t think we’ll be digging up their corpses to hang them. It is terrifying how ready they are to kill the patient when it’s not even sure the disease is really a problem. Hopefully though if enough of us say “enough already” we can actually stop this new bout of madness