#alcoholaware2012 – dry January no thanks

Just as No-Smoking day became no smoking month, so the puritans and killjoys are following up Alcohol awareness week with “Dry January”. Not only do they want people to not drink during January – which is fair enough if you don’t want to and it’s traditionally the time of year for new resolutions and the like; but they’d also like people to be sponsored to do this to raise more money for them so they can nag us better. Dick Puddlecote has the details and in some ways it’s heartening to see a fake charity having to make it’s own … Continue reading

Alcohol aware

As I noted the other day this week is apparently Alcohol awareness week which apparently is using the hashtag #alcoholaware2012. Being the socially responsible type I plan to be making use of that to pass on useful tips for the alcohol aware through out the week. Another responsible drinker Misanthrope Girl pointed out that as a responsible drinker one should be aware of how much alcohol one has to hand and where the nearest offy is. Which as it’s been a busy year avoiding tax this seemed a good moment to follow her example and check just how much I … Continue reading

Drink, smoke and be happy

It would seem that next week is Alchohol Awareness week brought to us by the fake charity Alcohol Concern. Who seem to believe that booze is the work of the devil and whilst we may start with just a social drink before long our habits will spiral out of control. The “good” news is that due to the governments generosity with our money (no cuts there yet) Alcohol Concern are always nagging us to stop drinking, after all they believe that for men 2 pints a day is too much and if you’re a lady well just one pint for … Continue reading