Drink, smoke and be happy

It would seem that next week is Alchohol Awareness week brought to us by the fake charity Alcohol Concern. Who seem to believe that booze is the work of the devil and whilst we may start with just a social drink before long our habits will spiral out of control. The “good” news is that due to the governments generosity with our money (no cuts there yet) Alcohol Concern are always nagging us to stop drinking, after all they believe that for men 2 pints a day is too much and if you’re a lady well just one pint for … Continue reading

Losing the battle already

I know I shouldn’t extrapolate from a few face book comments to tar an entire group with the same broad brush, but this recent post to the CAMRA group on face book convinces me that some people really aren’t paying attention. In fact they’re obviously paid so little attention that the battle to save booze from the same fate as has so far befell smoking has probably been lost already. How after all the bans we’ve already seen can anyone still ask “IS this advertising ban going too far” rather than “how do we stop this lunacy dead in it’s … Continue reading

A collection of idiocy

Once again I foolishly read the Metro on my way to work, you’d have thought by now I’d know better. The very front page greeted me with two disparate examples of idiocy. The lesser of the two was that random strangers decided to impose themselves on the family and friends of Raoul Moat because he’s “an hero” (as I believe they say in popular youth culture). From the mouth of on of the inconsiderate cretins demonstrating such a lack of manners came this utter gem: “I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to … Continue reading