A collection of idiocy

Once again I foolishly read the Metro on my way to work, you’d have thought by now I’d know better. The very front page greeted me with two disparate examples of idiocy.

The lesser of the two was that random strangers decided to impose themselves on the family and friends of Raoul Moat because he’s “an hero” (as I believe they say in popular youth culture). From the mouth of on of the inconsiderate cretins demonstrating such a lack of manners came this utter gem:

“I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to pay my respects. He kept them coppers on the run all that time. Fair enough people died but they must have deserved it”

With so much lunacy in that short statement to choose from I’ll just observe that as only two people died (if one includes Mr Moat) then for that ladies statement to be true Mr Moat himself must have deserved it. Which is I think something that can be widely agreed upon.

The bigger idiocy which also got the larger headline comes from Manchester where the local councils want to pass a by-law to enforce minimum pricing on alcohol, at the proposed level of 50p a unit, which will no doubt do worlds of good for the local economy given the size of Manchesters student population. So why would the good councillors of Manchester get this idea from why, from Our Life an NHS funded pressure group. As LegIron observes it’s a stupid unworkable idea, that resembles nothing so much as the first creeping controls on smoking. The idea is so stupid is both unlikely to be allowed nor to work if it is allowed, and yet it keeps being suggested by various sources in various places. Someone really is determined to get booze onto the denormalisation and control conveyor.

And finally a bit of nonsense from Facebook where a commentator reaction to the news that the COI will cut up to 40% of staff with cries of outrage that the evil Tories (not coalition) were going to sacrifice these vital government marketing jobs all 300 hundred of them, and just think of the cost that having 300 spin doctors on the dole will be compared to say oh paying them much larger chunks of money out of the same taxes that would pay their benefits. Mind you never know some of them might even be able to get another job despite the allegation that “Some of those people have enver worked anywhere other than at the COI”.
Instead the government should just create more jobs as apparently you can’t cut your way out of a recession (which I believe is technically over anyway), so I guess the last quarters increase of 8% increase in job adverts probably didn’t actually happen.

Anyway that’s enough idiocy for the day, next time I’ll try to remember not to read the papers.

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