Drinkuary an update

As the concept of Drinkuary has now been launched for a whole five days I thought I’d share a small update. Rather gratifyingly the FaceBook event has already over taken Alcohol Concerns “Dry January” by a respectable margin, despite not having months of planning, media consultants and tax payers money to call upon. At the moment Drinkuary is ahead 620 to 513 and improving, apparently people are rather fed up with being told what to do and seeing more and more costs applied to the things they enjoy.

If you’ve not joined in already do join in the fun, and come January take a minute to write to your MP. Meanwhile here’s a round up of what other people have been saying, that was originally posted over at Drinkuary.org

“As alcohol remains in the news I thought it only right that I should link to what a few other people are saying about “Dry January”, Drinkuary and minimum pricing. So in no particular order:

  • Real Ale Up North doesn’t want to be preached to.
  • Leg Iron thinks that Dry January is a lunatic idea as well
  • Katabasis thinks the government is making a mistake with minimum pricing
  • Heresy Corner identifies Camerons personal commitment to minimum pricing as the reason it will be forced through
  • The Spectator observes that the health benefits won’t happen as predicted, as drinking has already fallen by more than minimum pricing is aiming for
  • The thing is has one of the best explanations of the evil of minimum pricing that I’ve read

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