Police kite flying?

According to an article in the Guardian the police would quite like to less accountability if it’s all the same thanks – or as my friend on face book put it “Bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards…” (well you get the idea). It would seem that The Met commissioner has been privately lobbying the home secretary to make it harder for people to sue the police in civil actions for technical breaches (now where have we heard that before?). They’d also like to be able to charge a fee for freedom of information requests, as they take time and are a nuisance … Continue reading

Spooks ask for more money and power

In a shock statement the head of MI5 would like more money, or at least not to have to make cuts, and if they could please continue to lock up anyone they thing is a wrong ‘un then that would be just dandy. In the meantime they’ll continue to work very hard blocking all sorts of threats they can’t tell us about, and the increasing number of attacks they expect to see from the bog trotters, Somali’s and other third world nations. Full article here and remember just because someone isn’t breaking criminal law it’s no reason not to lock … Continue reading

A collection of idiocy

Once again I foolishly read the Metro on my way to work, you’d have thought by now I’d know better. The very front page greeted me with two disparate examples of idiocy. The lesser of the two was that random strangers decided to impose themselves on the family and friends of Raoul Moat because he’s “an hero” (as I believe they say in popular youth culture). From the mouth of on of the inconsiderate cretins demonstrating such a lack of manners came this utter gem: “I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to … Continue reading