When will it pay

Yet again those in favour of remaining in the EU are asking “when will Brexit pay off” , the latest iteration this question being in the Gruniad. Now I may well have missed something as I often do, but being better off was never that I noticed a primary argument made for leaving the EU. Certainly many people said we could be better off outside the EU, but it wasn’t ever a primary argument. In fact according to the like of the Gruniad it was racism and nostalgia for faded glories that was the motivation for people voting leave not … Continue reading

What’s yours, is theirs

Work and life having calmed down again for a little bit, there’s so much to catch up on, so with a bit of luck and a few pints expect a bit of a blog frenzy (may as well enjoy it whilst I can – but that’s for another post). The wheels continue to fall off the glorious EU project with Cyprus first saying they’re going to raid people savings, this turned out to be unpopular so their MPs voted against it, but despite that Cypriots are still limited in how much of their own cash they can with draw from … Continue reading

A- for George

Many people far more knowledgeable than me have commented on the recent downgrading of the UK’s credit rating from AAA to AA1 – this however is not going to stop me adding my tuppenth worth. It’s just one agency but it is a warning shot across the bows the policy being pursued by the current Government isn’t working, we’re borrowing more and there’s no growth- this is not how you reduce dept. The only way anyone reduces debt is to spend less and stop borrowing, apparently this does in fact also apply to Governments despite what various pundits have claimed … Continue reading