Credit where credit’s due

In the past I haven’t been shy of giving the whole occupy movement a hard time, and i still think that much of what they do is ill thought out, inconsistent and rather ludicrous. However just as even a stopped clock is right twice a day, the Occupy mob over on Wall Street have actually come up with a rather sterling idea. Their jolly wheeze is to follow the example of the usual residents of that street and buy up bundles of cheap debt, but instead of then going after the debtor and hounding them for the money, they plan … Continue reading

Having just watched the flaw

Sorry to be posting so much in such a small space of time, rest assured this will not be kept up and normal lack of service will soon be resumed (not being on holiday will no doubt help). However this evening I actually remembered to watch some TV I’d seen trailers for, this is a bit of a calender event but the trailer had annoyed me which is a great motivation. If you didn’t watch it do make time to watch Channel 4’s “the flaw” it’s really rather good, even if not entirely convincing. The highlight of course being Alan … Continue reading

Yes you have no referendum

In a shock and startling turn of events after being summoned to the G20 to explain what he was doing suggesting asking the people if the wanted to accept the austerity package or not – the Greek prime minister has decided that maybe the people don’t need to be asked after all. Having got that out of the way rumour has it that he’s off to resign – presumably to encourage anyone else that thinks referenda are a good thing. The EU’s allergy to asking the people their opinion on things really is quite impressive. it’s not after all as … Continue reading