Light the blue touch paper

So the Greeks appear to have lit the blue touch paper under the Euro project, by the crazy notion of asking the people what they think about a huge financial deal before signing up to it. Yet again the idea of a referendum seems to be throwing the euro-project into chaos and confusion, it would seem that democracy is as welcome to the eurocrats as water to the Witch of the West. There’s a lovely concise live(ish) blog of the “crisis” over at the FT (H/T Katabasis). The choices facing the Greeks seem to be a referendum or an early … Continue reading

Revisitng the 99%

Whilst this may be a bit like a dog going back to it’s vomit, or picking a scab – I’m afraid on the day when the big news seems to be the rapid approach of the collapse of the euro I’m going to sort of revisit the whole “occupy where ever you feel like” movement. Firstly because The Nameless Libertarian has said what I was trying to say the other day far better than I did, especially with this bit: However, there is a second reason why I think these protests may be deriving such scorn from many people. It … Continue reading

For the removal of doubt

For a while now many people have been talking about the inexorable drive by our political elites to form a united states of Europe. We have of course often been rebuffed as being a bit tin-hat and of course that’s not what’s happening. Well a bit of video over at Archbishop Cranmers rather lets the cat out of the bag. As Captain Ranty has observed on many occasion if the EU controls the finances, then everything else effectively follows. Mind he does today also offer the hope that forcing fiscal unity will render the implosion of the EU project inevitable … Continue reading