Light the blue touch paper

Light blue touch paper and retire So the Greeks appear to have lit the blue touch paper under the Euro project, by the crazy notion of asking the people what they think about a huge financial deal before signing up to it. Yet again the idea of a referendum seems to be throwing the euro-project into chaos and confusion, it would seem that democracy is as welcome to the eurocrats as water to the Witch of the West. There’s a lovely concise live(ish) blog of the “crisis” over at the FT (H/T Katabasis).

The choices facing the Greeks seem to be a referendum or an early election – I imagine if there’s an early election there’ll be an awful lot of things signed before then. Just in case someone gets in on a promise of a referendum or not signing up to the euro-cooked up agreement. Mind past expereince suggests that if the Greeks vote the wrong way they’ll just be given more chances to vote until they get it right – at least the ballot printing companies will do well out of it.

Interesting times, indeed – I can’t help but hope it blows up on Saturday just for the poetry of it.

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