Yes you have no referendum

In a shock and startling turn of events after being summoned to the G20 to explain what he was doing suggesting asking the people if the wanted to accept the austerity package or not – the Greek prime minister has decided that maybe the people don’t need to be asked after all. Having got that out of the way rumour has it that he’s off to resign – presumably to encourage anyone else that thinks referenda are a good thing. The EU’s allergy to asking the people their opinion on things really is quite impressive. it’s not after all as if the Greeks rejecting the current package would force anyone else to accept any other deal. They just get to discuss it again, of course if the Euro isn’t as sound as they’d have us believe that might cause further problems I suppose.

Of course none of this is proof of a totalitarian regime, the Greeks problems are of their own making. But that the prime minster thought he should check with the people first isn’t reneging on a deal either, last I checked most such treaties are subject to ratification.

Of course allegedly a lot of the debt isn’t real debt and could in fact be got rid of by everyone seeing what they owed each other. Pass the IOU’s round and see what’s left at the end, but then of course all those countries wouldn’t be able to point at the huge piles of money other people owe them.

Update Over at Septic Isle there’s a good round up of events from a different perspective – though the conclusions don’t seem hugely different – Greeks should have defaulted, EU(zone) doesn’t like referenda and the Euro zone is doomed roughly speaking

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