In other news…

In other news there is in fact other news than the shocking revelations that journalists use dodgy methods, some police will sell journalists information for a wodge or cash or a few pints and politicians will suck up to anyone that might give them a gnats fart of a whiff of power and aren’t to be trusted. As others have observed very little of this is new or really surprising – and really how much would anyone care if it had just been confined to celebs and politicians? But yes other news, amazingly other stuff has still been happening. Mainly … Continue reading

A fiscal miscellany

Back to talking about the economy again I’m afraid, and you know it’s got bad when even the BBC have noticed something’s wrong (H/T Penny Dreadful). Sadly it seems that the terribly dangerous deflation we should all worry about hasn’t happened, instead by printing a metric truck load of cash we’ve got inflation. Which really wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone, and at least we can inflate our debt (which ok screws over all of us that can’t just vote ourselves a pay rise) but at least the countries credit rate isn’t heading rapidly towards junk status like say … Continue reading

A miscellany of tax and spend

Terribly sorry to bang on about matters economic, but well it does seem a rather important topic, so please do indulge me. Just a quick whistle round a few bits in the news today. First up, Guido rather nails the deliberate inflationary policy pursued by the Bank of England to protect the banks at our cost. That they invested in inflation proof securities whilst warning about deflation is a bit of a hint they may have been fibbing to us. The government mean while continues it’s relentless pursuit of cuts and austerity by shelling out to build a brand new … Continue reading