Global warming not what it once was

Work has unfortunately made me late to this party, but has been observed this letter of resignation really does deserve the widest possible audience (I’ll put it below the fold though for all of you who’ve seen it before). As with everyone else I shall reproduce it in full and not say much more because there’s nothing I could add, though as someone that read physics that an institute like the APS could have sunk this low is saddening though not surprising if I was still a member I’d be looking quite closely at what the IoP was up to. … Continue reading

More power to the useless

I was going to write something about a few bits of recent news regarding HMRC, but life got in the way so I didn’t bother. However the Devils Knife covering the matter. So go and read their article which apart from proposing some terribly sensible suggestions for radical tax reform also asks the question which was bugging me, and others. Namely why when the HMRC have just admitted PAYE errors affecting 1.5 Million people and over 6 years of backlog on tax returns would it be a good idea to give them any control over us actually getting our wages. … Continue reading

A poll you can influence

Bella Gerens , has highlighted a poll over at Public Sector & Government News asking: “Should public sector workers have to pay more to maintain the value of their pensions?” Oddly the “no” votes are currently ahead, I’m guessing a lot of public sector workers have more of an interest in this than the rest of us, and have heard of the web site. So why not nip over and vote as Bella suggests? The poll is on the right hand side. Update Seems that don’t appreciate people taking interest in their poll – the poor dears. +1-1