A poll you can influence

Bella Gerens , has highlighted a poll over at Public Sector & Government News

Should public sector workers have to pay more to maintain the value of their pensions?

Oddly the “no” votes are currently ahead, I’m guessing a lot of public sector workers have more of an interest in this than the rest of us, and have heard of the web site. So why not nip over and vote as Bella suggests? The poll is on the right hand side.

Update Seems that publicservice.co.uk don’t appreciate people taking interest in their poll – the poor dears.

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2 Responses to A poll you can influence

  1. They’ve sent an email to me claiming that my pollbomb crashed their site. Srsly, I don’t even have that many readers. Must be all the people heading over there from Tim Worstall and DK.

  2. Giolla says:

    Ah the poor dears, mind that will teach them to run “THE provider for all your public sector information needs” on a shared windows IIS server.