Tax freedom day

Continuing my grand tradition of being late to the part it would seem that yesterday was Tax Freedom day the day of the year when we on average stop working to pay taxes and start working for ourselves. A mere 149 days into the year and an average of 40.8% of our income gone and that’s the taxes paid. Of course depending on what you buy, how much your earn etc. you own personal tax freedom day may have been a while back or you may have yet a bit to go. Tax freedom day would be a lot later … Continue reading

It’s just pining

Just for a change I’m really behind all the cool kids in getting round to comment on the recent Libertarian party debacle. I don’t know any of the people involved, though having read Anna Raccoons blog for quite a while if the counter claims against her were true it would be as disappointing as if her claims were true. The entire situation was really enough to make one lose heart entirely, having held quiet this long though does mean that more information has crept out and LPUK have joined the ranks of the major parties in going for the whitewash … Continue reading

Days recently passsed

Catching up on other people blogs, I feel I’ve been terribly remiss and caught out by the very things I’ve railed about. Having bemoaned our lack of knowledge of own history and the celebration of “Europe-day” I forgot about VE day (for much the same reasons as LegIron) and didn’t even know about Liberation day . So I’m very glad that other people remembered next year maybe I’ll do better and remember both. 0-1