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Just for a change I’m really behind all the cool kids in getting round to comment on the recent Libertarian party debacle. I don’t know any of the people involved, though having read Anna Raccoons blog for quite a while if the counter claims against her were true it would be as disappointing as if her claims were true. The entire situation was really enough to make one lose heart entirely, having held quiet this long though does mean that more information has crept out and LPUK have joined the ranks of the major parties in going for the whitewash approach of a limited, unpublished investigation that defends the indefensible. The alternative report put out unofficially by one of those involved does not make for happy reading, one is left in agreement with Katabasis that LPUK “has become nothing short of a full on liability to have anything to do with.” Which may not be an issue as the party may not exist much longer which is in some ways a shame, but perhaps better it die quickly and young than divert peoples energies away from trying to pursue the goals it claimed to stand for.

So what next for fledging Libertarians like myself*? Do we decamp to one of the larger parties and try and influence them? UKIP would certainly welcome us** and some people whose writing I respect have jumped to that ship. I’m not quite ready to do that yet, despite having voted that way previously.

So what next, as the Rally against debt proved (and was discussed afterwards) we need to be better at organising ourselves to get any sort of libertarian message across, and maybe that can be cross party and maybe a loser grouping might well be the way forward. It’s certainly something that appeals to be, a libertarian pressure group, after all look how much influence all those fake charities wield. There’s really no need to be a political party to influence the political agenda these days. If any non-party association type thing springs up I think I’d happy muck in, we don’t need to agree on everythign or have all the answers to start adding a much needed voice of opposition to the general trend towards decreasing liberty and larger state, and maybe by avoiding becoming a political party we might achieve more. 38Degrees and the like suggest it’s very far from the worst way to go – one thing is for sure we need to build and keep up momentum otherwise we’ll always just be a few hundred (or less) standing around Westminster.

* Well sort of I’m probably more old liberal but I think a libertarian voice is vital as a counter balance in current politics – or as facebook might put it “it’s complex”

** Not technically me as I never quite got round to joining LPUK

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