Tax freedom day

Continuing my grand tradition of being late to the part it would seem that yesterday was Tax Freedom day the day of the year when we on average stop working to pay taxes and start working for ourselves. A mere 149 days into the year and an average of 40.8% of our income gone and that’s the taxes paid. Of course depending on what you buy, how much your earn etc. you own personal tax freedom day may have been a while back or you may have yet a bit to go. Tax freedom day would be a lot later in the year of course if it wasn’t for the fact that the government is still borrowing like crazy, they’d not need to do that so much if any actual cuts were being made. The problem is of course the way each party lavish money on it’s favourites and the next lot aren’t actually cut that so spending forever ratchets upwards. Mind with our credit rating being downgraded by the Chinese that borrowing may well come to a juddering halt.

So as we’ve worked longer to get to tax freedom this year than last, next year must surely be going to be better what with all the cuts. Cuts like Spending 44 million reviving the “change4life” campaigns, or increasing foreign development aid (only 0.7% more of course), or doing up number 10 yet again.

Maybe buying less to reduce the 29 days we work to pay our average VAT bill might be a good starting point (VAT now being forever pegged at 20%+ thanks to the EU). Or maybe support the EU Rerendum lot and thier campaign for referism – so that the government has to actually get our approval for the annual budget rather than just pretending to debate and scrutinise it. Though perhaps any such movement needs to be a teense more aggressive than we may be entirely comfortable with to have any chance of success, it has after all worked for others. In the meantime perhaps we need to start living the good life to avoid the state altogether ?

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