Rule of mob

As is ever my want I’m a little late to press with my ponderings on the matter of Stephen Hesters bonus, but this does mean I can mainly point you at articles written by better authors than I. Which is a good thing for everyone I suspect. As I may have commented once or twice in the past, I’m rather keen on the rule of law and of contracts being honoured, and as far as I can tell Mr Hesters bonus was a matter of contract. Mr Hester didn’t cause RBS to need a massive bailout he was brought in … Continue reading

Of polar bears

(Oops forgot to hit post at the time – better late than never right?) On BBC’s frozen planet (the one of infamous misleading polar bear shots) after flying over the Arctic with two helicopters David Attenborough commented that the polars bears that the scientists he was with had been tranquillizing every year seemed to be doing not so well. In the context of the show this was linked to change in the polars bears environment, but I can’t help wondering what studies have been done on the ling term effects of tranquillizing polar bears. But nope surely can’t be that, … Continue reading

A new bill of rights?

Friday see’s the end of the consultation period for our new bill of rights, or as Mr Cameron would have it our bill of rights, as he seems to be unaware of the existing documents which form our constitution (H/T