The terrible tale of Tuam

Continuing my usual practice of being late to press has the advantage of letting more details of a story emerge, being very late means that other people still cover the fuller picture before I do but I can cope. A little while back a tale of terrible cruelty from Ireland’s past emerged involving as always the Catholic church and cruelty to children. Stories about bad things the Catholic church is alleged to have done in the past, much like accusations against aging celebrities, causes even usually calm heads to discard their usual rigor and leap upon the most sensationalist headlines … Continue reading

Seasons greetings

So having avoided the computer quite well for the last four days I thought I’d just pop back briefly to hope you all had a wonderful time, doing what ever it is people do these days. Also as I have a penchant for obscure and forgotten holy days/festivals I would observes that today is the feat of the Holy Innocents, in honour of which was written what I think is one of the most beautiful English hymns (not strictly a carol). So hear for you delectation is the Westminster Cathedral Choir singing the Coventry Carol. Enjoy – normal lack of … Continue reading

On symbolism and protest

Whilst it’s still the season for running around in silly masks and costumes, I thought I’d link to this rather excellent article by Leg Iron concerning the nature of Guy Fawkes masks. Leg Iron touches on something I’ll happily whinge about for ages in that the use of the Guy Fawkes symbolism for all manners of protest dilutes it’s meaning and power (much like there now being a ribbon for everything). I did say whilst on the walk with OH the other day that if anyone asks what I was protesting I’d claim I was for the restoration of the … Continue reading