The terrible tale of Tuam

Continuing my usual practice of being late to press has the advantage of letting more details of a story emerge, being very late means that other people still cover the fuller picture before I do but I can cope. A little while back a tale of terrible cruelty from Ireland’s past emerged involving as always the Catholic church and cruelty to children. Stories about bad things the Catholic church is alleged to have done in the past, much like accusations against aging celebrities, causes even usually calm heads to discard their usual rigor and leap upon the most sensationalist headlines … Continue reading

Recycling press releases

The ever diligent Katabsis has a rather wonderful article up dissecting how the investigative main stream media recycles press releases from the environment agency – terribly green of them. As a taster….. The data shows several clear patterns: – The so called “quality press” are the worst offenders for churning Environment Agency press releases – whilst there were many entries from the tabloids and local papers, their cutting and pasting was less egregarious than the “quality press”. Now stop wasting your time here and go read it :) 0-1