Protests and pagents

Another rambling post I’m afraid, very soon London will be over run for the sum by both the pageantry for the queens jubilee and then shortly after the Olympics. During this period I intend to avoid central London as much as possible, other people it seems plan to go into London not so much to enjoy the festivities (such as we’re told they’ll be) as to protest them. Yet again I wonder about the motives and intelligence of the people planning protests that I’ve read of so far, though at the same time I hope that they’ll be no arrests … Continue reading

On symbolism and protest

Whilst it’s still the season for running around in silly masks and costumes, I thought I’d link to this rather excellent article by Leg Iron concerning the nature of Guy Fawkes masks. Leg Iron touches on something I’ll happily whinge about for ages in that the use of the Guy Fawkes symbolism for all manners of protest dilutes it’s meaning and power (much like there now being a ribbon for everything). I did say whilst on the walk with OH the other day that if anyone asks what I was protesting I’d claim I was for the restoration of the … Continue reading

Anarchy in the UK

Due to having recently acquired a social life, previously lost behind the sofa, I’m rather light on blogging and even further behind the news. Sadly I will catch up and probably go back to a load of things that no one’s interested in any more – however in the mean time it seems the police would like us all to snitch on any anarchist sympathisers we might know though they apparently have already backed down Captain Ranty as ever has is covered as does The nameless libertarian so there’s really nothing left to say it’s all done and dusted in … Continue reading