Last week elsewhere

Another week another round up of links, next trick remember to find time to write stuff in between link round ups. Hopefully I’ve resolved recent server issues otherwise I need to change where I host this. Josh responds to climate foolishness on XKCD Bob Crow was resting up before his members go on strike (again) Velvet glove, Iron fist – provides a bit of a retrospective of the slippery slope (which doesn’t exist honest) Jacob Rees-Mogg makes some very reasoned objections to the latest financial monarch bashing LegIron has an awfully amusing idea The NSA use data from one warrant … Continue reading

As it’s Michaelmas

As despite it all I am still something of a monarchist and as it’s just after Michaelmas something a bit different, via Archbishop Cranmer a new portrait of the Queen. No other comment really, except I think it’s really a rather impressive picture, though I think her Maj looks a tad worried perhaps wondering where it all went wrong and what’s happened to her country. +30

A Jubilee round up

I’m afraid this is another Jubilee related post, but probably my last one honest. One thing which has struck me about a lot of the commentary about the celebrations is the amount of double think involved, and the amount of anti-British sentiment kicking about. To listen to those that have taken so hard against the Jubilee celebrations I can but conclude that the Queen is an idle parasite born into privilege who’s done nothing of note whilst at the same time being responsible for everything the Government has done in the last 60 years that the commentator dislikes and personally … Continue reading