Breaking the seal

Over in Ireland they are apparently going to remove the legal protection afforded to things told in the confessional – for the sake of the children of course. At the moment it’s just in the case of someone confessing to “sexual abuse” where there is planned to be mandatory reporting required. Now I’d hope that the Irish clergy will have the courage of their convictions and not break the seal of the confessional and suffer prison terms if it comes to that as from a religious point of view that it s the correct thing to do. Now that priests … Continue reading

Rambling about religion

This post has been stumbling around my head for a while now, like a drunk goth trying to find their way out of an unfamiliar club – but thanks to a couple of posts from Captain Ranty (one of which has been removed but I saw by the wonders of RSS and the other of which is here) my thoughts seem to have stumbled in a rather dazed fashion into a semblance of coherence. I’m afraid this article is going to be about religion and worse than that Catholicism and the Pope – and if that wasn’t bad enough I’m … Continue reading

Escaping from the Vatican

Having recently been reading all sorts of things on the freeman of the land and lawful rebellion front, it occurred to me that some people might also be interested in the obscure but much simpler method for formally leaving the Roman Catholic church. As they count you as a member unless you convert to another faith and even then sometimes. The whole idea of being “lapsed” is somewhat of a myth. So here for those that are interested are two rather useful links. Firstly we have a Vatican document discussing just what the criteria are for someone to formally renounce … Continue reading