Counting the Turkey vote

This is certainly one of those things that has been obvious to everyone but me, and is certainly terribly obvious as soon as I saw it. So much so I wonder how I missed it. In amongst all the “debates” as to the merits or otherwise of UKIP a trope which is run out quite frequently is that: “Support for UKIP is low in areas of high immigration” This is usually phrased in such as way as to suggest that it’s only people that haven’t experienced the many benefits of immigrant populations that could possibly be against immigration due to … Continue reading

Of Flags and Chavs and charters

Once more it seems Labour are in the news for thinking that flying the English flag is racist, now the article concerned is an old one but signs are the view it expresses isn’t. Though of course the candidate concerned has since claimed they no longer hold those views, but as that’s rejected when it comes to UKIP candidates and the like I see no reason to accept it from a candidate for one of the established parties. The article has prompted Mr Farage to say that “Labour hate England”. I think he’s actually wrong on that and also doesn’t … Continue reading

By their supporters shall you know them

There is a theory going around amongst people of my acquaintance that the best way to judge a political party is by looking at who supports them. Now I think this is nonsense as political parties don’t really have that much control over their membership let alone their supporters, plus of course if someones political allegiance gets reported or not is rather dependent on the media’s agenda. So this theory is actually more “you can judge what a party is like by who the media tell you their supporters are” – which is even sillier. Despite this theory being really … Continue reading