And so it came to pass

As I don’t get to say I told you so very often I really couldn’t let this pass – even though it was ever so obvious. A while back I questioned the wisdom of expanding hate crime to all subcultures. I even made some pictures observing that it would include people that those calling for such an expansion might not like. My psychic skills were apparently working that day as a mere year down the road Kent police are investigating the vandalism of UKIP posters as… hate crime. I wonder if the young chap photographing himself burning UKIP signs will … Continue reading

There’s something about UKIP

I was going to write a different article, but then I read more articles from various political pundits and changed my mind, so instead you have a slightly rambling article which probably isn’t going to say anything new. We are thankfully now out of political conference season, not quite sure what purposes these conferences do any more other than raise funds and get the select parties free TV time but anyway. What’s been interesting is how much time the political punditry (which as I’m writing this, should include myself) have spent talking about UKIP. Every other parties conference seems to … Continue reading

Puzzling about UKIP

Having recently been on my regular holiday to the lovely town of Whitby where I spent an awful lot of time in a pub, danced like an idiot and then got lightly singed (in short had a damn fine time) I’ve been way behind on the news and this whole local election malarkey. However I’ve now sort of caught up on all my news feeds and blogs and that sort of thing, and thus I’ve been reading an awful lot about those UKIP chappies. One interesting thing about catching up on about two weeks worth of news at once is … Continue reading