By their supporters shall you know them

There is a theory going around amongst people of my acquaintance that the best way to judge a political party is by looking at who supports them. Now I think this is nonsense as political parties don’t really have that much control over their membership let alone their supporters, plus of course if someones political allegiance gets reported or not is rather dependent on the media’s agenda. So this theory is actually more “you can judge what a party is like by who the media tell you their supporters are” – which is even sillier. Despite this theory being really rather silly it does make more sense than paying attention to the Labour manifesto as they went to court to prove we shouldn’t believe it. If you’re going to judge a party by what the media report about its followers I’d suggest just going by what they suspend or expel people over as that probably gives a better idea as to what sort of behaviour a party finds acceptable. However as this isn’t my theory, and these people of my acquaintance do seem very keen on judging the “real beliefs” of a party based on media reports of select and sometimes only alleged supports I thought I should take a look into it. Now it may come as a surprise to you that the only party that this theory seems to get applied to is UKIP – they of the bigots, fruitcakes and loons. So as that’s already been covered I won’t bother with them, I also won’t bother going back over the whole expenses scandal that covers the three “mainstream” parties. That would be too easy. Lets see what else the supporters of the other parties have been getting up to, that we may better tell what the parties are really like.

Now obviously to match the “research techniques” of those holding forth the “UKIP supporters show what the party is really like” view I’m having to be quite lazy and cherry pick data. That however is ok as it’s following the best traditions of modern politician research. With that established lets look at what the other major parties are really like.

Labour is the go to party for Pedophile supporters, violent thugs and those that like punch ups. It’s also ideal if you don’t want the out of work represented, and if you want to be sure that you can’t trust the manifesto.

The holier than thou Liberal Democrats are ideal for fans of historic Child abuse and lots of Sexual harassment -not forgetting perverting the course of justice and Car bombing. Really the party for the modern family.

Or there’s the Conservative party still providing strong support for child abuse but with the bonus of supporting the EDL and exploiting illegal immigrants

Maybe all that child abuse isn’t your cup of tea – well there’s always the Green Party ideal for all you anti-semites, russian fifth columnists, enviromental vandals and general terrorism.

Now I was going to stick to just the national parties but as they are so popular it would be remiss of me to not mention the SNP. The SNP are really the go to party for threats abuse and intimidation and teenage sex.

You know now I look at it I think there must be something to this theory after all. I mean why would you want to be associated with a party of bigots fruitcakes and loons when you have that lot as alternatives?

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