The BBC, Lapwings and Fake news

In this time of fake news and alternative facts you’d think the BBC ( especially given previous historic scandals ) might be careful about what those they give a platform to say in public. So as I have a slight interest in hunting and shooting I was interested as to how the BBC responded when challenged about false claims made by one of their presenters. In this case it was that darling of Birtish Wildlife programs Mr Christopher Packham. Mr Packham has been promoting his anti-shooting campaign claiming that Lapwings are being shot resulting in their numbers declining. He got … Continue reading

Hunting, poaching and witch hunts

There has of late been an awful lot of fuss in social media and the press about the death of a retrospectively famous lion called “Cecil”, I’ve generally kept out of it. However as I was (by coincidence) taken hunting at the weekend which has resulted in some discussion amongst my group of friends I thought I might as well comment. First lets deal with the really really easy bit, as far as I’ve been able to determine from the reports I’ve seen “Cecil” was killed by a poacher who did a really bad job of it. That the poacher … Continue reading