They have a little list of things they want to ban

For quite a while now Leg Iron has been talking a great deal of sense about how the powers that be like to ban things and use the same methods every time. The most successful they’ve been recently and the blue print for it seems banning everything else was the smoking ban where we now have to worry about third hand smoke, and they’re looking at stopping you smoking in your own house or car if children are present, and of course publicans will be fine and imprisoned for not stopping people smoking when they’re not there. The moves against … Continue reading

Authoritarian sheep killers

It’s quite odd what you can find when looking for something else, such as a site which sells sheepskin parchment and happens to mention: “It is a legal requirement that all Acts of Parliament are still recorded on this material.“ Which seemed unlikely to me what with this being the twentfirst century and all, so I did a bit of searching, and what do you know it’s true: “Today these parchment rolls, with the more modern Acts of Parliament printed on parchment too, are kept by the Parliamentary Archives in the Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster.“ Now at … Continue reading

Monday morning papers

Having foolishly made the mistake of reading the metro today, there were a few articles that tie in rather too well with my last post. There’s a half page article about Megan Ward who’s invented a “smoking kills” key ring which is being ordered by “anti-smoking consultancy”* GASP, and she’s also produced possibly more useful strong sun indicators. In smaller news the Scots it seems are drinking a shocking one and a half pints a day (Of course these numbers will get increasingly inaccurate as people home brew or buy abroad) . The really impressive article though is the call … Continue reading