Spirit of the Olympricks photo contest

Not content with not allowing people to share photo’s on the internet, those enlightened people running the olympics have also said if you’re not a sponsor you can’t run Olympics based photography competitions,though locog do seem to have very quietly back pedalled on that a bit. Now as an enthusiastically loss making site (much like the main stream media there) it should be OK for me to run just such a contest as: “A spokesman for the Olympics organising committee, Locog, today told AP: ‘I have spoken with one of our lawyers and, provided the pictures are not used for … Continue reading

The stupidity it burns….

Reading LegIrons round up of Madness reminded me of a little press release from the London assembly I read a while back. Transport for London’s plans to reward people who make their journey on foot or by bike under a new incentive scheme I thought at first that the headline had to be misleading as with all the savings we need to be making paying people to walk or cycle rather than just say improving cycle facilities and the like would be silly. But no the press release goes on to say: “rewarding people with offers and discounts should help … Continue reading

Well done Mr Cavendish

In a complete break from anything more important, Mark Cavendish took the green sprinters Jersey in the Tour de France today and racked up yet another stage win. This in a coincidence seeminglyttypical of the tour on the 44th anniversary of Tom Simpsons death. Now he just needs to keep it till the podium in Paris and hope the horrible crashes that dogged the first week are over. Back to the usual nonsense shortly. +40