Spirit of the Olympricks photo contest

Bronze command surveillance Wenlock Not content with not allowing people to share photo’s on the internet, those enlightened people running the olympics have also said if you’re not a sponsor you can’t run Olympics based photography competitions,though locog do seem to have very quietly back pedalled on that a bit. Now as an enthusiastically loss making site (much like the main stream media there) it should be OK for me to run just such a contest as:
“A spokesman for the Olympics organising committee, Locog, today told AP: ‘I have spoken with one of our lawyers and, provided the pictures are not used for commercial purposes, we shouldn’t have cause to object. For example, a school or college competition wouldn’t be a problem.'”
So as it shouldn’t be a problem, and being inspired by the amazing Amazon reviews I’m going to run a little competition. So I proudly present:

The Anonymong spirit of London 2012 photo contest

The prize will be the lovingly modified “Bronze command surveillance Wenlock” you can see in the picture above, yes it does really exist and it actually is even more poorly modified that the photo shows. However working in poor conditions and for no wages a drunken cross dressing artisan endured hours of back breaking toil to produce it and quite frankly I want it out of my house (it does contain a fully functional USB web cam* so you can easily co-operate with the olympic authorities and put yourself under constant surveillance).

The contest is for the best photograph that captures the true spirit of these olympics, so things such as:
protestors being arrested
Cyclists being killed by media buses
shops being closed
Missile batteries on residential properties
that sort of thing, the things that make these olympics to remember.
So if you want to win this abomination and memorial to the crushing of free speech (or if you’d rather not have it and just want to enter the competition), here are the rules:

  1. To enter the competition just add a link to your photo in the comments below this post
  2. You can only enter photographs you’ve taken (I’m just going to trust you on this)
  3. Entry is free and you can submit as many entries as you like.
  4. IOC, LOCOG and elected politicians may not enter but may go and boil their heads
  5. The competition will close a week after the end of the paralympics
  6. I’ll post the winning entry here and try and get in touch with the winner shortly after that
  7. The judges decision is banal
  8. Correspondence maty be entered into
  9. Bribes are acceptable, I will take cheques, Krugerrands as well as used notes, but not euro’s

Any questions?

* I make no promises that it will work with what ever you attach it to, but it worked for me. I also make no promises that it won’t hand over the entire contents of your computer to the authorities and intern you. I in fact make no promises at all.

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4 Responses to Spirit of the Olympricks photo contest

  1. Delerium says:

    Does it count as “The Spirit of the Olympics” that Mitt Romney’s wife apparently owns a part share of a horse that is partcipating in dressage? I am told it hasn’t done very well. I have not endorsed any candidate nor adverts for the upcoming election.

    This horse and traffic update brought to your blog by a reliable source who feels your pain about your traffic inconveniences but has no sympathy for your, and I quote, “different world view,” because of what the Olympics did to the city of Los Angeles vis a vis chaos and deadlock on the freeways. She’d like to remind you that LA has no mass transit or public transit, and yes, she moved from California.

    You know I’m just being useless with bandwidth b/c I have nothing of value to offer here but I hope lots of people particpate in this unofficial event. *hug*

    wait! Is hugging a blogger over the internet deemed “racy text”? I am typing this from a friend’s ISP whose thoughts and actions are above reproach.

    Off to watch women’s beach volleyball. Reliable source wants to know if mentioning sand in places you don’t want it is racy text? (She suggests not at all; she doesn’t want sand in her house, especially from the dog )


  2. de-branded, aerial camera observation platform over Stratford. What more do you want?