Wenlocks ever watchful eye

The London Olympics may be long gone, but the legislation lingers on. Now many of would thing that a word that was invented in ancient Greece might not be subject to copyright, but we’d be wrong. It turns out that as far as the Olympic committee is concerned no one can refer to Olympic Games with out their permission. Now you might thing that only starting in the lat 1800’s that the modern Olympics might be coming a bit late to the party to claim ownership of a tradition millennia old, but it seems they view things differently. Not only … Continue reading

Meanwhile in Russia

Hot on the heels of the same sex marriage bill being passed in the UK, Russia’s lower house has passed some sex legislation of it’s own. They’ve unanimously banned the promotion of homosexual propaganda, a bit clause 28 that – except in Russia it seems that “homosexual propaganda” may cover such outrageous behavior as holding hands. This law extends to foreign visitor as well and indeed four dutch citizens have already been arrested oh and 70 Russians as well which isn’t bad going for a law just 9 days old. The four where LGBT activists and attending a human rights … Continue reading

Competiton the results are in

Just in case anyone thought I’d forgotten about my little competition as the hoo hah about the both olympricks are now over I can safely announce the winner. Picked from a massive choice of being the only person to enter the Chief Zymurgist gets the Wenlock. +4-2