Things we won’t say about race

I’ve just watched Channel 4’s Things we won’t say about race that are true. Personally I found it rather a good program, bits I liked bits I didn’t always a good sign in a social documentary (and twitter seems to have had the same problem). Whilst I’m sure it had an agenda (well at least one depending on who you listen to) one the whole it seemed reasonably fair, by which I mean it probably pissed off everyone. Outside of the statistics it was interesting to see how Trevor Phillips views have changed and developed. To be trite the program … Continue reading

Meanwhile in Russia

Hot on the heels of the same sex marriage bill being passed in the UK, Russia’s lower house has passed some sex legislation of it’s own. They’ve unanimously banned the promotion of homosexual propaganda, a bit clause 28 that – except in Russia it seems that “homosexual propaganda” may cover such outrageous behavior as holding hands. This law extends to foreign visitor as well and indeed four dutch citizens have already been arrested oh and 70 Russians as well which isn’t bad going for a law just 9 days old. The four where LGBT activists and attending a human rights … Continue reading

Inequality gets royal consent

Today the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill got royal assent and passed into law. If you want to read lots of happy articles singing this as a great triumph, I suggest you ask a search engine or elsewhere – I’m going to piss in everyones cornflakes. Though before I do that I would like to wish well to all the same sex couples for whom this is actually important. I’ll also ask those that campaigned for equality: 1) Why did you settle for inequality? 2) Why do you want the state involved at all? Now on with the pissing. A … Continue reading